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Managing Chronic Illness

Take Control of Your Health

Do you have a chronic disease like arthritis, heart disease, diabetes, emphysema, asthma, bronchitis, COPD, or depression? Do you want to be healthier and feel more in control? We offer classes to help you learn to manage your condition day-to-day and cope with the symptoms and emotional impact of living with a chronic condition.

Personal Action Toward Health (PATH) is a community workshop that meets once a week for six weeks. It’s held in a small-group setting and is often led by instructors who are living with a chronic condition themselves, so they have a first-hand understand of the challenges. The small group setting can help you build the community of support you will need to stay focused on your journey toward better health.

With PATH, you’ll learn how you can:

  • Make an action plan
  • Solve problems
  • Deal with difficult emotions
  • Relax
  • Manage pain and fatigue
  • Making informed treatment decisions
  • Work better with your health care professional

Classes Throughout Metro Detroit

Classes are held in neighborhood settings like senior centers, community centers and religious centers. Call us at (800) 852-7795. We’ll help you find a class near you. You can also see our list of upcoming AAA 1-B Managing Chronic Illness Classes.


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