Below you will find the FY2010 “Pre-Contract Required Documents.” These documents must be submitted with your signed acknowledgment letter, revised budget (if required), and match letter. Please contact the appropriate contract manager, as listed below, should you have any questions:

Social Services:          Ann Langford –   (248)-262-9942
Respite Services:       Cathy Backos-  (248)-213-0538
Nutrition Services:      Karen Jackson- (248) 262-9241
Fiscal-All Services:     Paula Dunlap – (248) 262-9205
Resource Advocacy & Evidence Based Disease Prevention:   Kristin Wilson – (248) 262-9226

General Contracts
General contract documents including pre-contract requirements, Reporting Manual and budgets.

FY 2014-2016 Service Standards
All applicants must meet the minimum service standards. This includes Michigan Office of Services to the Aging and AAA 1-B standards as well as all service specific standards.

FY 2014-2016 Reporting Forms
Programmatic and fiscal reporting forms shall be used by successful social and nutrition services applicants.

FY 2014-2016 Contract Assessments